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How To Hand Sew A Shank Button
How To Hand Sew A Shank Button


Image of a cream colored suit on a table Replacing buttons can revise any garment and a shank button can add a special touch. This quick step guide will make your button re-styling process a smooth experience.
Items you will need:
—A hand sewing needle
—Measuring tape
—Shank buttons
—Thread, either contrast or matching
—Your garment

Step 1: Measure placement and mark desired button placement with pins

Step 2: Thread the needle and cut thread at 24 inches, doubling the thread over to have the two strands at 12 inches, tie a knot at the end of the two pieces. Thread the needle from the inside (back) of the garment to the outside (front). 

Step 3: Run the thread through to the back, and then again back to the front.  You want to create a small “X” where the button will be centered.  

Step 4: After securing the anchor, loop the shank hole with the thread and return the needle to the garment, repeat stitches (but not too tight), at least 6-8 times.

Step 5: Loop the thread around the shank hole 3 times and back through the fabric of the garment again before returning the thread to the back of the garment, tie a knot and trim the thread. 

  • Laura J. Taylor

    I never thought about changing buttons to give an older, but still fashionable, well fitting suit a “new” look. Thank you!

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