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Individualization for the individual. Suited Atelier is for all genders and identities. Sustainability is paramount in all stages of conception and production and a pillar of the brand. Proudly a small business, Suited Atelier was founded by designer and tailor Ash Owens.

Suited Atelier has 3 tiers of products, each with its own approach and degree of customization.


This is Suited Atelier’s distinctive take on ready-to-wear, with a foundation of quality and ethically-sourced materials. Each product is made-to-order and ships within 8 weeks.


We offer a classic tailoring experience online. All of the suits in the online shop can be ordered to your exact measurements in the drop-down menu on each product page – there limited supply in the small batch shop offerings. Fill in your specific height as well as trouser and sleeve length, shoulders, button-openings, leg width, and lining. Custom suit orders ship within 10 weeks. Please note, supply measurements that are as precise as possible, learn how to here.


This is the ultimate personal experience that Suited Atelier offers. This one-on-one collaboration to create the perfect suit from scratch is location specific to Los Angeles and New York. Your partner throughout this bespoke journey will be the founder Ash Owens. Anything from traditional to a realized fantasy is possible. Think of it as hiring your own personal master tailor and fashion designer. From sourcing the fabric, exploring linings and fits, button styles, and everything in between. It all begins with an initial consultation, and a continued conversation to define what the perfect suit for you could be. There are three fittings, the initial fitting is to take measurements, a second to fit the suit half completed, and the final with the completed suit to adjust any needed fit tweaks. The result, a one-of-a-kind extension of you. There is a non-refundable $100 fee for an initial 30-minute virtual meeting (which goes to the final price of the finished product.)